Business Support

Service of Information and Technical Research

Analyze and Gather about Product and Technical Information
●Market research to provide useful Information
●Product and Technical Research to Produce New Products with Innovative Technology
●Consumer Research to Make Clear Consumer Needs and Motives
The information of the research is used to make the decision about marketing and it is also used to judge the possibility of the products and technology.

Investigation, application of a patent, the utility model

It begins from a study start stage, and, before in the case of a product plan and product sale, it is work important at all to confirm the technical trend and right situation of other companies. we perform an investigation to confirm a patent, the utility model that has been already registered and apply.

Translation of Overseas Technical Documents

We translate various technical documents announced abroad into Japanese.

Import and Export Duties

We support the sale in the foreign countries of developed products.   
In addition, we act for the import business of the overseas products.